The Wild Blue Wander
Photography, Illustration, and Lettering



I'm Abby, owner of The Wild Blue Wander. I wear several creative hats: Photographer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Letter and here at The Wild Blue Wander, I aim to incorporate them all into what I create for others to enjoy. 

I'm going on the road! Currently in the conversion process, I am taking a Chevy Express van and turning into my home/office to explore the U.S. for about 4 months! I depart August 2018 - check out the itinerary here, and connect with me on Instagram to follow along. I also send out weekly emails - join my list here!

I have big dreams, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a high consumption of coffee to propel me forward. Home base is Pittsburgh, PA with past residencies in San Francisco and Denver. I love working with people and businesses all over the country. Have a design need? Want some fresh photos? Contact me!