The Wild Blue Wander
Photography, Illustration, and Lettering

Lettering & Illustration


Illustrated Photos

Something that makes me unique is my Illustrated Photos. Whether or not you book me for the photography, I can illustrate and letter on your chosen photo as a piece of art, keepsake, thank you card or invitation.

Please note: If you want Illustration on a photo I did not take, you must get written consent from your photographer for us to alter the image.

Hand lettering

I love to do custom hand lettering, also known as modern calligraphy. It can be a beautiful and unique way to add interest to a Thank You card, invitation, announcement, or to create something custom for signage, art prints... Really, the possibilities go on and on! You can view my past work here, or get in touch to request a custom piece!

Also in my shop are greeting cards, photo prints, and more!